My first breeding cat entered my life in 1995. It was a Maine Coon named EP Chuck de Portland's Maine*CH. One year later, I wished to find some company for Chuck, and went to Geneva cat show, where I fell in love with Dolce Vita av Hoyfjell*CH, a lovely black Norwegian Forest Cat. That was the beginning of my involvement in shows, with my neutered Maine Coon and my female NFO. Chuck had a fantastic show career (19 Best in Show titles).

I wished to have another female and a male NFO. The second female to come into the family was Neldoreth Feux d'Aurès*F, followed by Kong Salomon Felis Jubatus*DK, a blue tabby and white male, an import from Denmark.

Also in 1997, came S*Moa's RH Gipsy Queen and S*Mimameids Ragnarok from Sweden. The adventure begun with these two, who are the base of my breeding.

My ambitions are to breed well-tempered cats, with a particular look and as close to the breed’s standards as possible.

Our breeding cats are tested for GSD4, PK Deficiency and HCM.

Sarah Runzis

Cattery located in the Pays de Gex,
15 minutes from Geneva Airport.

Tel : +41 79 206 75 94 or + 33 6 25 95 93 26
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